Class, Exclusivity, Heritage: It begins here with us.

At the forefront of luxury vintage in Singapore, welovechanelsg specialises in importing authentic designer bags that have become timeless keepsakes for the modern lady. Whether it is a functional tote or a dinner purse, we believe in the value of classic Chanel pieces that have lasted through the ages and still boast plenty of life today for them to be considered sound investments.


A Note from the Founders

We treat every client equitably and with care. Our personal approach has lent much sincerity to our everyday dealings, rendering each meetup with you more than a mere transaction. We're big about the history and potential of the vintage luxury market. AND, we're happy to share our research and knowledge with you.

Every bag has a story to tell - deepen these layers of heritage when you purchase from us today. And oh, styling and fashion pairings? We'll take care of that if you would like some humble advice. Otherwise, we'll be happy to just be here to help you with anything else you need. 

Jas & Dave 



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