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The bags you see on this page are concurrently being sold on our Carousell marketplace. To check availability of specific pieces, please contact us directly through email or Carousell.

At Welovechanelsg, we appreciate the story and heritage behind every bag we come across. Ever so careful and meticulous in our selection of bags, every addition to our inventory is specially curated by our founder, who herself is an ardent fan of vintage Chanel. At the end of the day, 3 principles ought to guide your thought process when purchasing a bag: Practicality, Comfort, and Identity.

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Chanel Vintage 90s Reissue 2.55 Lambskin Bag
There’s nothing left to say; don’t waste another day.jpg
Say you’ll never let me go. Shop away with us on our Carousell page _welovechanel.jpg
&.... You’re already gone. (FYI_ this was taken immediately upon arrival).jpg
Down the slippery endless slope of no return.jpg
Life comes in all shapes and sizes. Featuring this beautiful vintage mini in chic silver hardware -
♥️ sexy! #chanel #hermes #sg #igsg #womeninbusiness #vintage #vintageluxury #luxury #supportlocalsg
Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the fairest of them all_ Snagged this piece from our recent holida
Old is gold.jpg
A little coffee brown for you, maybe_ #chanel #hermes #ysl #celine #igsg #sgstartup #luxury #brand #
Vertical quilted queen. Loving our new prop! ☝️ If you haven’t already visited our Carousell page _
Not the sexiest, but definitely the classiest.jpg
Already sold. But we’re still showcasing it.jpg
The return of the beige mini. Buy a piece of heritage with us today at _welovechanel.jpg
™️ This beauty is a fusion of vintage and modern elements_ featuring the sparkling and shiny 24k Gol
Too much love for this caviar brown baby, limited edition.jpg
Fancy a luxurious navy blue caviar tote, ladies_ Exclusivity begins here _welovechanelsg.jpg
Every day, I live a little more for gems like these.jpg
DJ got us falling in love again. This piece is still available.jpg
One of our all time favourites.jpg
Clefairy's wardrobe 🦀 #CHANEL #classic #DIANA #flap #GHW #gold #Lambskin #quilts #vintage #fashion
Who's loving this brown Lambskin Diana flap from the past_! 💍 oh lord.jpg
Falling without wings 〰 #CHANEL #classic #DIANA #flap #GHW #gold #Lambskin #quilts #vintage #fashion
V-stitched baby. This beige chevron is absolutely a rare find.jpg
Another piece, to love and to hold. A fantastic maxi with oversized CC logo.jpg
So tell me what you want, what you really really want.jpg
Classy and timeless.jpg
Goodness gracious me! This elegant and functional tote spells all kinds of chic. A fashion statement
 auction houses.jpg
Just in_ A luscious wine red vintage tote.jpg
Now now, isn’t she a beauty_ Amazing pristine condition with no flaws.jpg
Too precious.jpg
Still available. Look for us on CAROUSELL now by typing in our user_ welovechanel.sg.jpg
Somebody call 911 🙆🍁 loving this delectable caviar tote with 24k Gold hardware in almost the full