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Why Invest in Vintage Chanel?

Why I do what I do: My philosophy and guiding principles as the founder of welovechanelsg

A few of the most common (and valid) questions I get as a business owner dabbling in vintage luxury are

1. "Why do you mostly sell vintage Chanel bags?"

2. "Do you import other brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Celine?"

3. "Will you be able to bring in modern Chanel designs like the Chanel boy or Chanel quilted caviar vanity case?"

4. "Which Chanel bags make the best investment pieces? How do I know that the value of my bag will continue to hold years down the road?"

In this introductory blog post, I'm going to answer all your burning questions once and for all so that you can share this information and knowledge with fellow ladies who are looking to own their first vintage Chanel bag. Simultaneously, this will give you deeper insight into why I started welovechanelsg.

1. "Why do you mostly sell vintage Chanel bags?"

The vintage market is still rather new to Singaporeans, but has already gained established ground in highly developed countries/regions like the USA, UK, and Japan. For more than a decade now, these advanced areas have continued to witness the rise of vintage luxury traders that make up a billion-dollar industry. Amongst the top brands that boast a steady demand and supply of bags are big names like Hermes, Christian Dior, and of course, Chanel. Taking these 3 brands into consideration, Chanel has consistently garnered greater interest owing to her timeless designs - the 2.55 Reissue and the Classic Double Flap. While Hermes similarly features evergreen models that come in a greater variety of exotic leathers - the Birkin and Kelly (see pictures below) - the brand remains rather elusive for even the upper class market in Singapore. As for Dior, the iconic Lady Dior bag is about the only statement piece that our locals hanker after, hence presenting a rather narrow scope of choices for the brand. Achieving the prime balance between cost and variety is therefore Chanel. Ladies who have been religiously following my Carousell, Reebonz, and Instagram pages would already be privy to the diverse vintage Chanel designs available on the market. With a fair share of exclusive and more common models at a reasonable price range of SGD2000-5000, one is able to leverage BOTH the prestige and heritage of the brand without breaking the bank.

Hermes Birkin (Red Crocodile Leather)
Hermes Kelly (Black Calfskin Leather)

2. "Do you import other brands like Louis Vuitton, Prada, or Celine?"

In my journey as a vintage luxury curator and seller, I have had the opportunity to make new friends who run preloved luxury shops locally (some of whom have procured their supplies from me as well). Many of them have shared with me that increasingly, a greater number of ladies are selling and consigning their Louis Vuitton and Prada bags to buy Chanel and Hermes. Regrettably, it is rather sad and unfortunate to learn that once coveted pieces like the LV Neverfull and Prada Saffiano Lux (see pictures below) are now taking a backseat. This market trend has better informed me of which brands to focus on in order to meet the demand of our local audience. For ladies who have downsized their LV and Prada collections but are worried about budget constraints and would like to seek alternative brands to Hermes and Chanel, I would suggest going for presently safe names like Celine, Balenciaga, and Saint Laurent (YSL). Occasionally, I do select and bring in Celine and YSL bags (both modern and vintage). Take note though, that the modern designs for these two brands remain more popular than their vintage counterparts. At the same time, I must highlight that unlike the vintage Chanel bags, modern Celine and YSL bags cannot be resold at prices much higher than their purchase price. Understandably, my imports from these two brands take a longer time to be sold on the local market.

Prada Saffiano Lux (Pink Saffiano Leather)
Louis Vuitton Neverfull Monogram (Canvas Leather)

3. "Will you be able to bring in modern Chanel designs like the Chanel boy or Chanel quilted caviar vanity case?"

To answer this question, let's analyse the Chanel boy (see picture below) and her current retail price - SGD6600 (thereabouts). Ladies who have purchased the boy at this price from the existing boutique in Singapore would know that the resale value will not be anything more than SGD5000-SGD5500 (this is based on market trends on heavy-traffic sites Reebonz, Carousell, Deluxemall, Vestiare). Unfortunately, this means that upon walking out of the boutique with a first-hand purchase, your Chanel boy has immediately depreciated by SGD1000-1500 (15-20% of the original price). In line with this, many of my clients have requested that I bring in preloved Chanel boys at not more than SGD5000 so that they get to own one without losing to the initial depreciation. However, based on my sources alone, even preloved boys in mint condition already exceed SGD4500, before taking into account international shipping charges and GST. Pray tell, would it be worth it for us to bring it in? My simple rule of thumb and advice to many of my customers: If you need to fork out anything more than SGD5000 for a preloved modern Chanel, save up a little more and buy it brand new at the boutique. The only exception where an investment of above SGD5000 for a preloved piece is logical is for vintage Chanels made of exotic leather - ostrich or crocodile - OR highly exclusive and unattainable colours - wine red, purple, gold.

Chanel Boy (Black Caviar Leather)

4. "Which Chanel bags make the best investment pieces? How do I know that the value of my bag will continue to hold years down the road?"

To prevent information overload in this solitary post, I will briefly respond to this question and build on my answer in another full-length post. Just tooooooo much to share!

The best Chanel pieces that make worthy investments are the original 2.55 Reissue (featuring the mademoiselle rectangular turn lock) and the Classic Double Flap (featuring the CC turn lock). The Classic Double Flap, for example, has appreciated wildly since its first appearance in 1989. Back then, you could probably buy it at a third to half of today's retail price (SGD 7430 for a modern classic flap). Therefore, ladies who purchased back in the 80s and 90s and have managed to maintain their classic flaps in great condition would be able to sell them off at an impressive, whopping profit. The vintage classic flaps that I am selling today on the preloved luxury market go for about SGD3200-4000, depending on their condition and accompanying accessories. So you get the idea.

Chanel Vintage Classic Double Flap (Black Lambskin Leather)
Chanel Reissue Flap (Black Caviar Leather)

AND THUS . . .

To date, I have sold more than 1000 vintage bags - 90% of them hail from Coco Chanel's label, while the rest are a healthy amalgamation of understated but equally timeless gems from established fashion designers.

When you buy from us, you are not just buying the CHANEL name. Please, dressing well doesn't necessitate burning an irreparable hole in your pocket for a big brand name. Avoid letting the superficial lure of these 6 time-honoured, age-old letters, consume you.

When you buy from us, you are buying a piece of Coco Chanel's and Karl Lagerfield's history. You are buying a cherished part of the original makers' heritage. You are buying the superior make and quality of vintage stitches and leather. You are buying the story behind each bag.

Class | Exclusivity | Heritage: It begins with us.



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